Styles shoes look best with skinny jeans…

Jeans became permanent staples in our wardrobe. Why we tend to love them? because they’re versatile and comfortable! With simply a little bit of modification in our styling, we are able to change the complete look of our denim, and use them for fully completely different occasions. The best thanks to changing the design of your jeans is to alter the shoes that you wear with them. It, for the most part, depends on the design you are aiming for. As an example, pointed-toe heels square measure excellent for workplace and evening outings, white sneakers and over-the-knee boots for excellent for casual events, and mules and moccasins square measure for everything in between. Here’s a simple vogue guide what the footwear to go along with your skinny jeans for various occasions. Pointed toe pumps: High-heeled pumps paired with ankle-length skinny jeans could be a match created in heaven. They look stylish, on-trend and elegant. And you’ll wear them once you need to glam up your boring look.Skinny-jeans-with-ballet-flats-for-casual

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Kareena Kapoor was seen rocking pointed toes pumps with their skinny jeans.

Kareena Kapoor and Shweta Bachchan Nanda were seen rocking pointed toes pumps with their skinny jeans.

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Mules work wonderfully well during summers and they are super versatile and comfy. You can go with neutral tones or a brightly colored pair that really stand out.

Kareena Kapoor was spotted wearing mules with her skinny jeans.

skinny jeans

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TOP Best Beard styles you must try

Beards remain to be a very popular men’s hairstyle “accessory”. That will continue to be true this year as more and more guys try out this extended trend. Growing a beard is fun and is a totally new experience in life. If you got what it takes, give it a shot. There are many beard styles you can try out.


1.Full beards 

Full beards 

This is the manliest of all. You can grow these style If you have triangle or diamond shape face. To grow it totally depends on how your genetics are , or you have to wait till all the chin is covered.



Garibaldi beard style

This type of Style is good for men with curly hair and a man who is looking for a slightly unkempt style. If you don’t have time to always keep your beards groomed then this style is for you. The beards should be kept neat and allow to grow naturally.


3. Anchor

Anchor style

This type of style is good for you if you have square-shaped face. The style takes its name form resemblance to subject. The beards must be extended along the jawline . Then it should be styled to a point so that the overall shape look like an anchor.


4.The stubble

The stubble beard

 This is a perfect beard style for a rugged look . In this style you must grow your beards for 2 to 3 days and then the beards need to be trimmed to look best.

The Most Popular Home Stays in India Looking for a relaxing peaceful weekend away from a busy city life.

2018 has been a year of travel for many Indians. Individuals are traveling, taking vacations and desperate to experiment. And during this new bloom, the one trend that’s more and more coming back forward is that the rise of homestays vis-a-vis hotels. Homestay as a plan is turning into the move too for the venturous and experimental traveler. Not only is it simple in the pocket however additionally provides a home-like atmosphere with simple keep choices, homely food, and exotic settings.


1 Vikram and Paaro Ranawat’s home, Jaipur


The couple who run this place has their heart firmly paced here. Vikram is a retired officer and Paro is a Rajput girl with robust ancestral legacies. Their house is open, spaced out and ethereal. The marble flooring, terrace, the bedrooms with a personal lounge and a quaint cottage within the garden, are a number of the pulls for this place.

2 Mr. and Mrs. Mehra’s home, Dehradun

Mr. and Mrs. Mehra’s home, Dehradun
Landscaped front yard of a house with flowers and green lawn

Set in a quiet residential area, the house has everything a beautiful abode in the foothills of the Himalayas needs to have. Amazing views of the Mussoorie mist capture your attention. It’s a homely set up with the Mehra’s providing generous anecdotes and delicious food from their repository.


3 Sirohi House, Old Delhi

Sirohi House, Old Delhi

The former home of the Maharajah of Sirohi, this townhouse is close to Civil Lines, in the thick of Old Delhi. With the old-world charm of ornate fireplaces, carved wood, antique furniture and accessories, this place is a must. The rooms are well equipped with modern amenities and the communal lounges are wonderful to sit, relax and chat up in.

4 Capella, Northern, Goa

Capella, Northern, Goa

This is a Goan house in a quiet little village between Mapusa and Baga beach. Run by a couple, they also have an Italian restaurant, J&A’s in Baga. The rooms are spacious with modern bathrooms. The verandas are huge and provide the right place to sit and relax. The food consists of homemade curries, rice, and salads.


5 Spiti Homestays, Himachal Pradesh

 Spiti Homestays, Himachal Pradesh

There are 14 homestays in this community, spread across six high-altitude villages all in the isolated Pin Valley, set against the frosted peaks of the Himalayas. This is one of the rugged, real-world kind of homestay option with mud-and-brick dwellings. Yet the rooms are clean and colorfully furnished with local fabrics. Dive into the home-cooked Spitian cuisine and enjoy the breath-taking scenery, freshness of the mountain breeze, the local hospitality and the Yak safaris. This is enchanting.

6 Nelpura, Alappuzha, Kerala

Nelpura, Alappuzha, Kerala

This is a 150-year-old home of a Syrian Christian family, Mr. Chacko and his wife Salimma. The farm consists of a few watery acres of paddy and coconut palms just off the River Pampa. A traditional Keralan house, it provides three guest rooms and fresh food. Enjoy the country boats, the lazy drool of the village and the beautiful churches in the vicinity.

7 Evergreen Estate Bungalow, Mundakayam, Kerala

Evergreen Estate Bungalow, Mundakayam, Kerala

George and Anju Abraham’s 1950s house looks just so non-Indian. Yet it offers a true experience of traditional plantation life in this part of the world. Visit the Pullakaya River, the village rubber factory, Mundakayam’s colonial-era planters’ club. Food is straight from the oven with homes cooked specialties like appams with mild vegetable stew, meatball curry, banana fry and fresh passion fruit juice.


8 Nandan Farms, Sawantwadi, Maharashtra

Nandan Farms, Sawantwadi, Maharashtra

In the Sindhudurg region of southern Maharashtra, this rustic, home offers two guest rooms opening on to a wide veranda that overlooks Ammu and Ashish Padgaonkar’s farm – 12 acres of cashews, pineapples, and coconut palms. It’s the real India experience with modern amenities. To the east is Amboli, the little hill station in the Sahyadri hills and to the west, the beaches of Vengurla both are less than 20 miles away. Try a local bullock-cart ride or relax on the farm!



How to Hack Fragrance Make You Smell Amazing: Tips & Tricks

We love perfumes. We have a tendency to love the magnetic impact our fragrance has on each passer-by. However, merely selecting the proper fragrance isn’t enough, you must also understand to use it right.

Most people realize it irksome once a lot of fragrance application goes vainly as a result of it fades once a while. allow us to finish this challenge by conveyance some quick-fix solutions to creating certain that your fragrance lasts for several hours and hours.


After Shower

How to Hack Fragrance Make You Smell Amazing Tips Tricks


Did you know after-shower the skin pores open up? This is the perfect time to begin perfume application after a bath when the pores are open from the steam.


Before Dressing-up

How to Hack Fragrance Make You Smell Amazing Tips Tricks

Perfume activates in reaction with heat and body chemicals which explains why it should be applied to skin not clothes. Also, there are higher chances of stains if applied on clothes.



How to Hack Fragrance Make You Smell Amazing Tips Tricks

Use Vaseline or unscented lotion after a shower to retain the fragrance. Did you know that perfumes stay longer on oily skin than on dry skin?This gives you a lesson to first moisturize your skin before applying perfume to make sure it stays longer.


A Safe Distance

How to Hack Fragrance Make You Smell Amazing Tips Tricks


Observation teaches a few secrets easily. The scent lasts longer when applied from a distance of six inches from the area of perfume application. Never hold the bottle right next to your skin. Keep a safe distance.


Perfume- Protection

How to Hack Fragrance Make You Smell Amazing Tips Tricks

Every beauty product needs to be kept safe. Perfumes are no different. However, they demand extra care. Avoid keeping your perfumes in the bathroom as normal people do. Store it in a cool, dry, dark place to avoid getting any contact with humidity or direct sun


Apply to Pulse Points

How to Hack Fragrance Make You Smell Amazing Tips Tricks

Trust us, you’re going to thank us later for letting out this secret. The secret to a lasting perfume is to apply it on the pulse points where it stays put to make you smell great. So dab some of your fragrance on the wrist, behind the ears and knees and refer to the image to know more. Also, one important thing to mention is to never rub your wrists after applying perfume because it fades away.

Try opting for strong base notes which have long-lasting notes in a perfume. You can rely upon overtones like pine, patchouli, vanilla and musk for dramatic results. This is not all, you can layer fragrances or spray them on your hairbrush and use other clever tricks to ensure a long-lasting fragrance.


TOP Best DSLR Camera For Video And Pics by activeindianow

What camera ought to I buy? What’s the most effective starting DSLR camera? Initial, the most effective starting DSLR camera for a starting portrait photographer isn’t the most effective camera for the beginning sports photographer. Cameras aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal.But there’s another issue too learning a way to select a camera could be a nice opening move to learning regarding photography. It also depends on however sensible you’re with a camera. Further, it also depends on your budget.


But here innovation4u telling you some best pick up by me best camera. if you are looking for good camera look at below-

1 Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera Body with Single Lens 

Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera Body with Single Lens 

Nikon brings to you the D3400 DSLR camera which allows you to take your photography skill to the next level. Equipped with AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm f/3.5 – 5.6G VR lens, you can click high-clarity photographs effortlessly while its rechargeable Li-ion battery keeps you going all day.


2 Nikon D810

Nikon D810

It’s incredibly robust feature-wise, with a 36.3 MP FX-format CMOS sensor without an Optical Low Pass Filter, 30% faster EXPEED 4 image processing engine, 51-point AF system, 3D Color Matrix metering III with a 91,000-pixel RGB sensor, ISO range of 64-12,800 expandable to 51,200, and professional video and audio capabilities.For speed and agility, this camera offers a new RAW Small Size option, which downsizes your images to 16 MP with smaller file sizes. There’s in-camera editing features, HD video recording at 1080p, fast frame rates, and great editing efficiency.


3 Sony A77II

Sony A77II

With fast shooting power and superior image quality, it lends itself to all types of blog photography, ranging from the outdoors to interior design to food.It delivers superior movie recording ability, captures 12 frames per second, a stunning resolution of 24.3 megapixels, and has a built-in flash for your convenience (but you can add your own if you’d like).An LCD monitor that tilts and swivels in three directions makes it easy to frame and shoot, even in tough lighting situations.


4 Nikon D810(Body only) DSLR Camera (Body only) (Black)

Nikon D810(Body only) DSLR Camera (Body only) (Black)

Nikon D810 Body, EN-EL15 Li-Ion Battery, MH-25 Quick Charger, DK-17 Eyepiece, BM-12 LCD Cover, BF-18 Body Cap, BS-1 Hot-Shoe Cover, AN-DC12 Camera Strap, UC-E22 USB Cable, USB Cable Clip, HDMI Cable Clip, ViewNX 2 CD-ROM, comes with 2 Year Nikon India Warranty.

Casio’s solar-powered GPS watch is ideal for survivalists


Casio’s beloved line of G-Shock timepieces is widening to incorporate the new GPR B-1000, a GPS-equipped measuring system that might simply save your life. The watch, that forms a part of the Rangeman line, is capable of standalone GPS navigation for up to 33 hours on one charge. However additional significantly, if you are within the geographic area for extended than that, you’ll use the integral solar battery to stay the GPS running for extended.

Casio's solar-powered GPS watch is ideal for survivalists

The solar battery within the face keeps the dial running the least bit times, Associate in Nursingd is additionally used as an auxiliary charger for the smarter watch functions. Leave the watch in bright, direct daylight for four hours, and you will get Associate in Nursing hour approximately of GPS navigation. If you are reception, however, you’ll merely dump the G-Shock on its wireless charging plate and it will be back to full strength in precisely 5 hours. The wireless charging is feasible as a result of the rear of the case has been created out of ceramics another initial for the G-Shock line mensuration simply 2mm thick.

Casio's solar-powered GPS watch is ideal for survivalists

If you’re a Bear Grylls-type and you’re looking for a watch that’ll withstand everything the elements can throw at it, this may be the watch for you. It’s designed to work in temperatures as low as -4 Fahrenheit and depths as low as 200 meters, and is packing a carbon fiber insert band and sapphire crystal. As for pricing, the B-1000 will be available to buy in April and will set you back $800 from the selected high-end watch boutique of your choice.


At the same time, Casio has announced a limited edition of its Pro Trek Smart series of watches in a special color scheme. Just 1,5000 Pro Trek WSD-F20WEs will be produced, each one clad in a glorious fluorite white body that, the company promises, offers a deep multilayer finish with crystalline depth. The watches will be available in Spring, but the company has remained tight-lipped so far on how much they’ll cost you.

New Tata Safari Q 501 SUV to be showcased at Auto Expo 2018; Specs, Features & Images

As you all could recognize that car exhibition is on the point of return presently and sure enough, such a big amount of new cars are about to showcase their future models there. Now, the reports are coming back that Tata Motors is believed to showcase an all-new SUV at the car exhibition 2018. As you all could understand that the corporate is functioning in 2 new SUVs (internally codenamed Q501 & Q502) these SUV’s are supported the previous generation Land Rover Discovery’s L550 platform. Overall, this can be extremely about to cause you to all surprised as expected.

New Tata Safari Q 501 SUV

Well, consistent with Tata Motors, this platform is localized to fulfill the company’s desires. The Tata Q501 could be a premium 5-seat SUV which will rival the Hyundai Creta and therefore the Mahindra Scorpio. On the opposite hand, the Q502 could be a 7-seat SUV which will rival the Jeep Compass and therefore the Hyundai Tucson. We tend to are positive that you just all are reaching to love the new innovation of Tata motors of course and it’s for sure reaching to cause you to all surprised of course.

New Tata Safari Q 501 SUV

We are positive that the Tata Q501 is one amongst the best cars and it’s conjointly referred to as H5 and is predicted to interchange the aging Tata safari. we have a tendency to are positive that these models are reaching to cause you to all surprised of course. The Tata Q501 and Q502 are spied many times in India with the Land Rover Discovery Sport’s body shell. We tend to expect Tata Motors to showcase near-production versions of each these SUVs at the automobile exhibition 2018. Maruti Suzuki constructs future S Compact SUV.

 New Tata Safari Q 501 SUV
Now, we can say that both the Tata Q501 and Q502 will be powered by a Fiat-sourced 2.0-litre MultiJet II diesel engine, mated to 6-speed manual as well as automatic transmissions. Also, the engine will produce a maximum power of 140 BHP on the Q501 and 170 BHP of power on the Q502.



Huawei launches EMUI 8.0 based on Android Oreo

Smartphone maker Huawei on Friday announced the launch of the upgraded version of its user interface- EMUI 8.0that runs on the Android Oreo platform.

An in-house creation, this software promises to deliver a quality user experience, aided by AI-powered Real-Time Scene and Object Recognition, Smart Tips, and AI Accelerated Translator.

In terms of functionality, the EMUI 8.0 is based on machine learning. Intelligent Resource Allocation, Intelligent Context Awareness, User Behavior or Intelligent Behavior Prediction- are all different AI capabilities fueling the EMUI 8.0, to provide a more durable fast experience to the consumer. Further, it engages in low memory management by allocating resources in a way to provide more space to ensure smooth experience coupled with different AI capabilities.

“The upgraded EMUI 8.0 is avant-garde technological software which is efficient, secure and above all, user friendly. Eradicating lag, they can witness a faster and smarter phone experience, powered by advanced AI technological features. The update significantly cuts down on the number of steps needed to achieve the desired function through its smart applications like navigation dock and smart screen, and enables the user to reach 90 percent of the core functions in just a single-click,” said a Huawei R&D spokesperson.


Emui 8.0 user interface for android


Sony to launch bezel-less flagship smartphone in 2018

Dual-camera and full-view displays have been the buzz words for 2017. Manufacturers are jumping at every opportunity to join the bezel-less bandwagon, and Sony seems to be the next line. A report claims Sony is gearing up to launch a sequel to Xperia XZ Premium smartphone, which is expected to come with a bezel-less display.


The listing further reveals that this upcoming Sony smartphone will feature support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS + GLONASS and USB Type-C. The rest of the rumored features include IP65/68 rating, and a 3,420mAh battery with support to Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology. On the software front, the smartphone will be running Android 8.0 Oreo out-of-the-box.



Putting these specifications in perspective, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium was launched with features like 5.5-inch 4K HDR display, Snapdragon 835 octa-core SoC, 4GB of RAM, 19-megapixel rear “Motion Eye” camera, and a 13-megapixel front camera. Making sure everything ticks is a 3,230mAh battery.