The world is a Book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ” 8 visa-free countries in Oceania for Indians “

” 8 visa-free countries in Oceania for Indians “




Gone are the times when travelling meant spending endless hours in sweaty queues lined up to get that over rated piece of paper – the elusive travel visa! Today, there is still a line, but now it is of countries that welcome you for a visit but without the dreadful paperwork. Check out activeindianow ’s list of countries that are visa-free or offer the convenient visa-on-arrival to Indians.



1. Cook Islands





Described aptly as fifteen specks of land scattered across the Pacific Ocean near New Zealand, the Cook Islands – drenched in their Polynesian roots – are both modern and traditional. These remote yet accessible islands, with Rarotonga and its international airport at the helm, are not unfamiliar with tourism. Get immersed into the sheer extent of natural beauty at the Aitutaki lagoon, explore the many caves, take a dip in a natural swimming pool, explore historic buildings or beach hop and dig into delicious fare at cafes that dot the islands.



  • Best time to visit the Cook Islands April, May, September and October is a good time to plan a trip to the Cook Islands; this is when the weather is at its best.


2. Fiji


Picture perfect, Fiji is where they get all those shots for screen savers. Find out for yourself; explore its striking palm lined sandy beaches or step into the glittering azure waters to shock your senses with otherworldly coral reef and sea creatures. The archipelago offers more – there are opportunities for trekkers, hikers, bird watchers and forest explorers on islands that range from next-to-untouched to ones with an active nightlife.



The most stressful thing for most Indians planning to travel abroad is not the price of the ticket, but securing a visa. Majority of countries around the world require Indians to obtain visa prior to travelling
The most stressful thing for most Indians planning to travel abroad is not the price of the ticket, but securing a visa. Majority of countries around the world require Indians to obtain visa prior to travelling


  • Best time to visit Fiji Late October to early November is when you should think of heading to Fiji – the weather is dry and pleasant, and the tourist season has not reached its peak.



3. Micronesia


The colourful history and culture captured in the four states within Micronesia’s clear waters is ages old. Visit these diverse lands for a plethora of experiences – Chuuk for its underwater war museum; fascinating Yap for its traditions that are still intact; Kosrae with its bubbly island spirit and natural beauty that make it a poster child for heaven; and Pohnpei for its clan culture and ancient ruins.




  • Best time to visit Micronesia The best time to go to Micronesia is during the low rainfall and humidity months between December and March.



4. Samoa


Isolated, quiet and stunning in its natural state, Samoa is the core of Polynesia. Geographically sequestered by its seas and jungles and culturally insulated to retain the age-old essence of tradition, Samoa is well-preserved and a joy to visit. Despite the absence of fancy resorts making their flashy presence felt on its serene beaches, the welcome is warm and comfortable. Easy to negotiate and safe, the small island is colourful and adventurous – making for an authentic travel experience. Apia – the capital city – is relatively action packed, though in most other areas, the sound of Samoa’s many waterfalls remains supreme. Things to do include a museum and a cultural village, though nature trumps all of that with blowholes, rock formations, craters and a national park.





  • Best time to visit Samoa With tropical weather through the year, the best time to visit Samoa is either in December and January when it is rainy yet pleasant; or during the dry weather months between May and October, given that this is festival time.



5. Tuvalu


Tuvalu or the Ellice Islands as they were earlier named, is a tiny country; the fourth smallest in the world. Made up of nine islands and atolls, it is not your regular tourist destination with a ‘to-do’ list. A holiday in Tuvalu would involve lazing in the shade of palm trees that dot most of its pretty beaches, soaking in the traditional culture, and stepping into the water for scuba diving and snorkelling. It is easily one of the best ‘disconnect from the world’ destinations!




  • Best time to visit Tuvalu March to October, Tuvalu’s dry season, is the best time to visit. The country experiences tropical weather through the year, but this is when it is most pleasant.


6. Niue


No whiling away of endless days on the beach here – take that hiking gear out and lace up! Adventurous, exciting, and raw – Niue certainly lives up to its moniker ‘The Rock’ with all the walking, trekking and climbing that one has to do to ‘live’ the location. Explore caves and pools, go snorkelling, diving, fishing or kayaking. Niue is also one of the largest raised coral atolls and is famous for its limestone cliffs. The capital city of Alofi is well hooked up with accommodation and food options.





  • Best time to visit Niue April to October is the best time to head to Niue, and if whale watching is on the agenda, then be there between June and September.


7. Palau


Palau – a real diver’s paradise. A collection of about 250 volcanic and limestone islands get together to blow your mind. The turquoise waters, green forests, rich dive sites, intriguing wrecks, and startling marine life all add to the ethereal experience. Diving is, of course, number one here when it comes to experiences; however, history buffs will remain quite engaged too – WWII relics are strewn around the jungles on the island; there are a couple of museums too.




  • Best time to visit Palau Equatorial Palau is best visited in the dry season which starts in November and stretches till April. Divers should head here between September and May.


8. Vanuatu


Vanuatu is a destinations of extremes – and how! Your trip here will show you everything from an intact ancient culture, isolated beaches on rugged islands and world class diving spots to fancy resorts and restaurants in Port Vila – and even an active volcano full of magma. You will have to island hop and take day tours to get to various destinations, but the adventure and variety of the experiences on offer is well worth the effort.




  •  Best time to visit Vanuatu April to October is the best time to visit tropical weathered Vanuatu.



  • Note: Visa requirements are subject to change – at the time of publishing of this article, the above listed countries are visa-free or offer visa-on-arrival to Indians.



  • Give the beautiful islands nations of Oceania a chance – go explore one of these beauties.



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A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections. “Eight countries where indians don’t need visa to go” .

8 countries that offer Indians FREE visa


  • Another excuse to go on an international trip. You’re welcome!


Visa hassles and fee is something we all want to avoid when we plan a trip abroad. Not only can we put that money to better use, we can also save time going to the embassy, filling out forms, etc. So if you are planning an international trip any time soon, here are a few countries you should consider visiting as they offer Indians free visa.


1. Indonesia





The land of Bali and Ubud, Indonesia is one of the most popular destinations for solo travelers, honeymooners and beach lovers. Lucky for Indians as it recently started offering free visa to Indian passport holders


2. Bhutan




This landlocked nation is only a one-hour flight away from Kolkata and is known for its eco-friendly tourism. Not just a free visa, Indians do not require a visa to enter Bhutan. Simply pack your bags, carry your passport and book your flight to Bhutan as they are limited and only fly on certain days of the week.


3. Jamaica





The land of Reggae music and Bob Marley, Jamaica is another country you can visit without any visa fee because it does not even require a visa. From jeep safaris to relaxing on the beach, there’s a lot you can do in Jamaica.


4. Nepal


View of Gokyo Lake- third and Nozgumba glacier from the Gokyo Rie. Nozgumba glacier is one of the longest glacier of Nepal, about 17.2 km length.


Another country that does not require Indians to get a visa before they enter is Nepal, making it free. In fact, if you can enter Nepal even if you forget your passport as long as you are carrying any other ID issued by the government. And if you don’t enjoy flight travel, you can even visit Nepal via road.




5. Hong Kong





Yes, you read it right, Hong Kong is one of the countries Indians can visit without shelling out any visa fee. In fact, you can stay here for up to 180 days without even obtaining a visa. Disneyland anyone?


6. Maldives





White sand beaches, clear waters and a villa where you can stay right next to the ocean – Maldives is one of the best vacation spots in the world. And your Indian passport can get you here without any visa fee. You’ll get a visa on arrival that will be valid for 90 days provided you submit the required documents.


7. Macau




Macau, known as the Las Vegas of Asia, is a land of casinos, malls and skyscrapers. If you love to party the night away, grab your passport and head to Macau. Not only is there any visa fee, you also don’t need a visa to visit Macau.


8. Fiji





Indians don’t require a visa to visit Fiji and its beauty will steal your heart. Sun, sand and the sea await you in Fiji and if you love water sports, there are plenty of things you can do here on its cluster of 300 islands.